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Courtney Bauder '01, '04

Bringing the World to His Students, Bringing His Students to the World

Courtney Bauder

Courtney Bauder

Courtney Bauder enrolled at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in 1996 and has never left. He found his "home away from home" here.

UW Oshkosh was close enough to his hometown of Green Bay but far enough away to allow him to explore opportunities and pursue his interest in the University's strong elementary education program.

As a student, Courtney found that faculty became mentors; national and international students became friends; and the campus became community.

One particular experience laid the groundwork for Courtney's deep commitment to UW Oshkosh. While a student, his friend and roommate was diagnosed with cancer and needed a bone marrow transplant. A groundswell of support spread across campus. The Dean of Students, University Books & More, administrative offices and countless individuals, along with the Community Blood Center, supported his efforts to mobilize students to be tested and added to the national and international bone marrow registries.

And, when funds ran short, an international student selflessly paid for tests for students who couldn't afford them. Courtney's friend passed away the following summer. However, the impact of the altruistic actions of hundreds of UW Oshkosh students and staff almost two decades ago continues today when bone marrow matches are made with someone in need.

Courtney earned a bachelor's degree in 2001 in elementary and special education with an emphasis in working with students with emotional and behavioral disorders. Soon after, he began his master's degree program at UWO in educational leadership, which he completed in 2004. During that time, he taught English in China and worked in Germany and in Japan for two summers.

He is now working on a doctorate in urban education with a special emphasis in the social foundations of education at UW-Milwaukee. His research interests are related to multicultural education, global education, social justice and the disproportionate number of students of color in special education.

During his career at UW Oshkosh, Courtney has held a variety of roles. He has served as an ad hoc instructor; administered and taught in the Global Educator Graduate Certificate Program; taught in the College of Education and Human Services; and led students on study-abroad programs to both Greece and Australia.

He currently serves as the director of the Social Justice Minor Program and teaches in the College of Letters and Science and in Lifelong Learning and Continuing Education. He also serves on the Senate for Academic Staff and the Gender Equity Council and is involved with a variety of precollege programs that serve underrepresented youth from low socioeconomic status.

The unexpected loss of his mother three years ago moved Courtney to communicate his end-of-life wishes to his wife, Gloria. As a result, they have designated a portion of his UW System life insurance policy to create scholarships at UW Oshkosh through his estate planning.

Courtney felt privileged to explore his interests in education and global connections at UW Oshkosh and grateful for the support of his family for the opportunity to pursue higher education.

He believes there is no greater gift than the opportunity that education provides. Through his legacy, he will provide scholarships for students to study abroad through the Office of International Education and access to those who might not otherwise have the privilege of a higher education.

His goal is to increase diverse student populations by designating his undergraduate scholarships for highly motivated, first-generation college students of color with financial need who are majoring in education and for students with financial need interested in studying abroad.

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